Tuesday, February 26, 2008

23 Things on a Stick #2

An article I wrote for our upcoming paper newsletter "The Quatrefolio"

Internet tools and technology are changing the way libraries do business. Quatrefoil Library is hopping on the “Library 2.0” bandwagon to expand our presence beyond our space at 1619 Dayton Ave.

Q. What is “Library 2.0”?
A. Using internet based tools to connect & share information over the web. The best explanation I have found is at a popular “Web 2.0” site…YouTube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLlGopyXT_g).

You’re all familiar http://www.qlibrary.org… you now can search our catalog, donate via paypal, and get updates and annoucements from our main webpage.

Are you on sites of mySpace or facebook? Quatrefoil is! Connect with other QLibrary lovers on these “social networking” sites. Discuss shared interests, get invites to QLibrary events. Registration is free and open to all. www.myspace.com/qlibrary
www.facebook.com/ search for group Quatrefoil Library..

It is all about the books on LibraryThing.com. (www.librarything.com/profile/Quatrefoil_library) Browse Quatrefoil’s book collection, read reviews, write your own reviews, sign up for RSS feeds of recently added books to Q’s collection, find our what books other queer libraries have added to their collections. Get book recommendations (or pans with “The UnSuggester”: if you loved this book, stay away from this book). Register for a free account and catalog your own personal book collection.

Minnesota multitype library system is sponsoring a professional development program called “23 Things On A Stick”. Library staff are learning how to use “Library 2.0” web tools in their own libraries. I have created a prototype blog for Quatrefoil to test out wikis, chat, RSS feeds and other technology toys. (http://qlibraryblog.blogspot.com/). Comments, questions, suggestions? Let us know email, facebook, mySpace or blogger.

All this technowizardry too much? Don’t worry, we will not be replacing the books or print magazines anytime soon! You can still come to Q and curl up with a good book or chat with friends in real life. But for those who have an iPod in one hand and a blackberry in another, we can be linked in with you 24/7.

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