Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oops Thing out of order #17

I had to do this one at work, because all of my accounts, passwords & keychains for netLibrary, ebsco, ELM etc are on my work Mac.
I have several feeds set up from my ebsco account alerting me to when a journal is published, and a feed of the table of contents. I have another set up by "anytime there is the word queer in the title of an article send it to this email address and forward it to this folder"
I wish netLibrary had more current technology books. It is a good resource for looking up that odd bit of code (how do I set the JAVA_HOME variable?) but there are better sources for working on bleeding edge programs. I love the notes feature, and I have a list of "wishlist" books on topics I like: urban studies, architecture, object-oriented programming.
I didn't realize that ELM was as extensive as it is...I could spend days in the Minnesota Reflections site.
When it comes time to help my first-grader with homework, I'll be using more of the kids resources.

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