Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing #12 digg, reddit, mixx, newsvine....

What no slashdot?? How long has that site been blogging about technology, and having it's readers mod up or mod down coments?
I've been following digg since the TechTV days. The digg site was more tech-oriented, now it tries to cover politics, stupid videos, rumors, other commentary. I'm already a memebr of digg, and don't see a reason to have an additional account on reddit & mixx. iGoogle mixes up my news & info the way I like, stumbleupon for the random find.
The best part of digg is the "digg labs" and the API's to arc, swarm and other visual representations/animations of news. They make neat screensavers. I've been trying to do a mashup of the LCSH weekly heading lists "swarming" as a screensaver.
Someday...when I have more time, I'll sign up for newsvine. No need to read 15 newspapers, Ill get them all fed here.
I'll share a link from my hometown newspaper, Newsday on the sidebar.

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