Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing #13 iGoogle & pageflakes

I've have all kinds of library geeky goodies on my iGoogle page....RSS feeds from libraryhting blog, catalogablog, Ann Arbor District library feed of new books, a worldcat search box, LCSH weekly headings changes, new subject headings, a feed from HubMed on current articles on various medical maladies family members have. All this in addition to news headlines, stick tickers, weather gadgets, vacation countdown.
I made a pageflakes account a while ago. I have to look up that account. I need some kind of widget to keep track of all these logins! be right back...

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odysen support said...

Another start page to check out is Odysen, big difference being free formatting widgets.

Here's an example page for Ann Arbor.

There's also a blog available for other page examples and feature updates,