Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thing #22 What did I learn today?

I learn something new every week:
from my RSS feedreader, technorati, pageflakes, delicious

* has normalized the tag database (
*there are no historical period numbers in 930-990 for Antartica (deweyblog)
*a new edition of the code4lib journal (oss4lib)
*dispatches from ComputersInLibrary conference (pegasus librarian)
* University of Alabama has acquired the book "The Homosexual Matrix" 1975 (UofA new books feed in the HQ class)
* an article on "ideopathic tracheal stenosis" has been published in Annals of Thoracic Surgery (hubmed article feed on 'subglottic tracheal stenosis'"
*Table of contents for American Sociological Review April 2008 (from ingentaconnect)
*glbt@nypl archive (delicious feed).

1 comment:

Ann WS said...

Congratulation on finishing all 23 things--and in plenty of time, too.

Sounds like you learned a lot. Stay tuned for more on a stick in fall or winter.