Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thing #7 Email, IM, meebo etc

Oh email...I still heart email. I've had an email account since the pine, elm & telnet days (thanks in part to the volunteer run "freenet" in Minneapolis). I used eudora for years, then moved in to mail, some clunky webmail clients for work, and mainly use apple mail & gmail now. I like the color coding feature & spam filters, and make alot of use of "rules' and applescripts to "if this email is from__, put in this folder, forward to gmail, and send this auto-reply". love it.
I have 2 chat clients open, one for co-workers, one for home. I find it less disruptive than a phone call, and is handy for those "wanna get coffee? is your student worker in?" I have a terrible memory for phone numbers, so I love just having the clent open and can see who's here, who's working from home, who's out to lunch. It's great for those quick questions.
I haven't used meebo, but I have sent IM ref questions to other libraries rather than make a phone call or an email.
I ve probably sent 4 text mssgs in my life. It's just too annoying to use on my clunky old cell phone. Though I do use the google "send to mobile phone" widget. I find that much eaier to use.
I'm not a big fan of web conferencing. Ive attended ebsco & Minitex webinars. It is better than having to travel somewhere, but really if it just at the U, id rather just go across the street.
I *heart* screencasting though...ive watched screencasts of installing ruby, ruby on rails, mysql, and other open-source programs. I like that I can follow along on my laptop & pause and replay multiple times.
Ive used google apps for class...worked on shared documents, store documents. Handy as long as you have an online connection.

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