Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Learning Blog #8 Because it's Cool! Newton to Visor to iPod Touch

I've been an Apple fanboy since the wayback, so whenever Jobs is mentioned in a presentation, it is going to get my attention. Steve Jobs may not be the greatest engineer, or programmer, but his company sure makes some COOL stuff. And Like Mr. Merholz, the highest compliment for me is when someone gives a "wow" to something I have created. (though my design skills are still stuck in the WordStar era.)

I went to a "Library Branding" keynote at some conference or another. The speaker was trying to pitch the idea that "marketing and advertising" should not be a dirty word in the library world. Again the speaker was talking about The Experience being the key thing. "It is not what you say about the library, but what your patrons are saying about the library." The users experience and emotions associated with the library will compete (drown out?) whatever message you are trying to put across. Perception is everything.

So you have your prototype Library Block of Wood---how are all of these things "Room for collaboration, quiet study space, the newest books, the rarest materials, change change change, stay the same." supposed to fit?

I think I missed something in the second assigned presentation: a vocal track? I got the gist of the Designing the Mobile User Experience: our users are on the go. Okay got it.

My AHA moment: Data Visualization & Processing.org
I went back to the Adaptive Path website and spent many many hours there. I stumbled across a presentation, Ben Fry UX on data visualization. What he was lacking in presentation skills he more than made up for in the WOW, cool! factor Art and science shouldn't be separated. Most of us are familar with Excel graphs and charts. Graphic represenation of dozens or hundreds of data points. Ben Fry is doing this with millions of data points. Using color and shapes and animations. I started googling around for more a found many more on TED Allospere. I may have found my new hobby for when I am done with library school. I'll need to learn both math skills and design skills! But math and numbers represented in sight and color and sound and 3 dimensions. Wow. Just. Wow.

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