Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog #13 The Big Wind Up

I have the benefit of working in two different types of libraries, and love how every semester I can bring some useful theory from class back to my job, and then demonstrate to my classmates how the book learning applies in the "real world." I took this Library 2.0 class because I'd been using the tools for a while now, and wanted to learn about some new features or uses I had never heard of before. I succeeded in doing that plus learning about ideas I had not considered before copyright, privacy issues, and "library identity in the age of social media."

I had built a facebook group and Fan page for Quatrefoil a few years ago, but was not diligent about updating it, or building on it. As I got used to blogging every week for class, I added the assignment of blogging every day for Quatrefoil. Microblogging perhaps--adding a link to another article, an announcement of an upcoming event, new books in at the library, items on our wishlist, fundraising. Facebook had a feature which pushed the update to the Twitter feed, so I was able to get more articles to pass on, and didn't have to maintain two different services.

Posting everyday made a tremendous difference in our numbers. In September the Quatrefoil facebook fan page has 13 members, by December it was up to 201. Not all of these facebook fans are current members--so we need to use the contacts to develop them into more involved members. Liking us on facebook is a good initial strategy, and we need to be sure to follow up with an invitation, a note something!

Comparing the demographics of our current member base and our facebook fans: our current members are largely male and over 65. Our facebook fans are 25-41 and primarily women. For years the Board has been wondering how to reach out to women--now we can see that a good number are active on social network sites. The bigegst jump occured after the Minnesota Out Campus Conference in November. I gave a presentation on the library, and tabled at the vendor fair and hundreds of students from around the state viewed our page. The Board has commissioned a Membership task force for 2011, and I am sure social networking will be a big part of it.

I liked Ann H's checklist (12 Days of Class) of what she has accomplished. Here's mine:

  • 13 blogs posts for class.
  • 92 updates & tweets for Quatrefoil facebook fan page plus comments, replies to comments, event postings
  • Posting on Razoo for Give To the Max day & Quatrefoil Annual Campaign--fundraising via social networking.
  • Advertised on social networking job sites LinkedIn, MN Council of NonProfits job Board, St Kates internship board , Volunteer Match for volunteers, inters and Board members.
  • Was a guest lecturer (via email bulletin board posts for LibTech class at MCTC).
  • Wrote an essay on Library2.0 to be published in the new book:
  •  Serving LGBTIQ library and archives users : essays on outreach, service, collections and access by Ellen Greenblatt; (http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/630498096)
  • A paper and portal on OPACS that sucked, and building better ones for libraries
  • Used gmail chat to collaborate with classmates on final project. Much better than dimdim.
  • Learned about yahoo pipes, tal.ki, & dimdim
  • Used a wiki for the Quatrefoil Tech committee to post documentations regarding our hardware and software and future needs. (WikiDot)
  • Learning HTML and paypal to enable credit card & paypal payments for memberships on Q's web site
  • Configuring and installing wordpress.org, investigating themes, widgets for class project (LOC NDIIPP blog)
  • Learning how tough it would be for anyone working in a government agency to use social networking tools on a government sponsored blog.
I hope I am not leaving anything out: oh yeah, watched some cool videos (Rosedale, Frontline...and some NOT so good ones) and some good books Zittrain, Hamlet's Blackberry--that I may not have encountered had it not been for this class. Thank you!

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